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Tales of the Tin Dog

The Zen of Chaos

9 September 1970
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I used to be LJ#775092. I still am. As with so many things in life, sometimes you have to keep moving forward and exploring. Part of the internet culture, so far as I have seen in the personal blogosphere, is that often usernames reflect you as you are at certain points. As people change, so often do their usernames. There's a new "fit", a better fit or as it is in my case, a fit just as good but of a different fabric.

I am a divorced father of three. One of my sons lives with me now only the partest of time. Another lives on a U.S. Army base in another part of the country. And my youngest is shortly to move several states away. I have been a dad for nineteen years, and I hope my transition to having an empty nest will be a smoothish one.

I am an avid conversationalist, as many friends and other victims will attest. I am addicted to talking it out if there is a problem -- and sometimes even if there's not. Art. Food. Life. Relationships. Entertainment. Writing. Anything, really. There is a lot of information out there to be digested, and I am always hungry. And I don't always like to eat alone.

Words that have been used to describe me are: stubborn, conservative, overbearing, maverick, principled, scatter-brained, undisciplined, selfish, elitist, intelligent, balanced, ingenious, sarcastic, artistic, meticulous, bookish, lazy, insensitive, egocentric, funny, political, creative, liberal, overcautious, intense, flamboyant, non-archetypical, brilliant, average, smarmy, dedicated, sensitive, unpatriotic, bright, generous, eclectic, plain, talented, dorky, loyal, genius, lackadaisical, forgetful, talkative, silly and insane. The best one that describes me is Dad.

I am a complicated man trying to pare things down to wind up one day uncomplicated. I love my friends as I love my family, and I always try to help where I can.