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I have a few rules about conversations, and those rules cause more than a few people problems. Almost exclusively those people are attempting to discuss politics. Otherwise, it's religion. It's invariably something social.

1. I don't discuss things about people, whatever my opinion of them, with other people who wallow in hate, regardless of their rationale for having that hate. That's not having a conversation. It's misery wanting company, and that's not my bag, man. (Note: Getting peeves/concerns of your chest is one thing, and it's not what I'm talking about. We all have emotions. I mean hate, derision, hostile dismissiveness, and the like.)

2. If you say things privately that you deride others for saying publicly, then you may have more to work on than you think they do. I likely won't call you out on it or tell anyone else about it, but it will certainly have an effect on our future conversations.

I never cease to be amazed and saddened at how so many rationalize their intolerance of and animosity against others. The real kick in the pants is how almost everyone talks about how much better a place they want to make the world... if only those other people would drop dead, be exiled, ostracized, lobotomized, forcibly re-educated, or otherwise be made to suffer for not being 'correct'. (I kid you not. Those are a few actual examples of things people I know on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, LJ, and IRL have suggested in the past and lately as courses of action for the problem of others' different beliefs/opinions.)

Angry may be adrenalin, but it's not a life. There is a big difference between the two, if you ask me.


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Feb. 2nd, 2013 10:37 am (UTC)
It's the generalizations that get under my skin. Lumping all people from an ethnic group into a negative stereotype, or using a derogotory label for a class of people they don't like are the kinds of behavior that will turn me away from someone. I no longer speak to a coworker who rambles on about Obama, using the N-word and the most hateful rhetoric I've ever hear in the workplace. He's a racist pig with Limbaugh disease. I can't deal with him.

I'm guilty of using a label or two but they're usually based on the attitudes, prejudices and ideology of people in that group. Teabaggers would be a good example, or gun huggers. You can't be one of them unless you hold the general beliefs of that crowd, so I don't find the label unfair.

I love talking politics, religion and social issues, even with those I disagree with. The anger level of the person I'm speaking to will determine my ability to carry on. I can't converse with irrational zealots.
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